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supplying professional growers with the highest quality of inputs in order to obtain a good and sustainable supply of fresh produce.

This is what Guilli Holding BV wants to contribute to global farming. By manufacturing. Organic, amino acids based fertilizers, which does not put any stress in the environment while enabling the farmer to reach high and high quality yields at low costs.

We wish to communicate this message through our website. As we do in our presentations through our partners and when exhibiting in international tradeshows.

Gulli Holding BV. cooperates with local partners, both independent. Distributors and by being present in the Market under the Gulli Holding Bv Umbrella in, The Benelux France, Spain,Poland, Albania Morocco, Turkey and North America. If you wish to distribute our products or it you wish to join the Gulli Holding BV family, Please feel free to contact us

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Using of Auxine

Usage of Auxine: Spray the plants soaking wet once per week during week 2, 3, and 4 (10ml. Auxine per 1lt. water)


We have Auxine plant nutrition in the following bottles: 250 ML 1 Liter en 5 liter!

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